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Sterling Silver Wedding Band - 3 mm

$29.95 NZD

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SKU: HW0315

The classic wedding band in pure Sterling Silver. Thick, luminous, and very well-made. A truly exceptional value! Both men's and women's sizes available.

* Genuine pure sterling silver, not plated or bonded. Stamped .925
* Width: 3 mm
* Average weight: 3 grams
* Buy at wholesale prices!

Sterling Silver Composition
While pure silver can be combined with many different types of metals, sterling silver is created when combining pure silver with copper. Sterling silver jewelry can be composed with different amounts of copper but is most often seen with the .925 stamp, meaning that the composition is of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy. This has been found to be a good combination for maintaining the silver's durability without harming its sparkle. Our produtcs are all Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free. 
Sterling Silver Ring
This silver wedding band not only symbolize your love and commitment to each other, it also gives you ease of mind since it is made from a special alloy mixture that enhances the tarnish resistant level of silver. The mixture that is created with Secial High technology also makes our sterling silver extremely hard. Unlike regular sterling silver rings that tend to bend out of round, our rings retain the perfectly round shape under normal daily activities. It is virtually a carefree wedding ring. High quality finish gives it the elegance of any fine jewelry.
About the size measure
Please make sure the correct size before place the order to avoid Return or Exchange.  We would like to suggest you have your finger sized at a jewelry store for an accurate ring size.

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