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Cute and Mysterious Elegant Cat Brooch with Diamonds

$6.50 NZD
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This sophisticated plated alloy cat brooch encrusted with diamonds is perfect for adding an elegant, mysterious touch to your style. It boasts a rust-resistant surface that ensures its beauty and durability, making sure that you can enjoy its charming effect for years to come.

Cute Elegant Silver Cat Brooch with Diamonds

* Length: 30 mm
* Width: 21 mm
* Weight: 8.5 grams


- Colour: Shown in the picture.
- Beautiful and attractive brooch (Pin)
- Material: Plated Alloy
- High quality for durable and long-lasting use.
- Lightweight for portable wearing.
- Anti-rust for long-time storage.
- Characteristic and exquisite design with pleasant colour and brightness.

SKU: BR019

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Tags: brooch, cat, pin
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