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.925 Sterling Silver X Zircon Cross Charm Bracelet

$49.95 NZD
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This stylish .925 Sterling Silver X Zircon Cross Charm Bracelet is crafted from sterling silver, providing a durable and luxurious base for a beautiful accessory. The bracelet is designed to last, and the sterling silver provides a sophisticated and elegant look.


925 Sterling Silver X Bracelets Cross Charm Bracelet

About this item
* Exquisite Techniques and every bangle we create is a unique one.
* Perfect as a simple romantic gesture, suits all age groups. A perfect gift for mom, wife, girls, grandma, daughter, granddaughter, sisters or friends.
* Suitable for Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Birthday gifts, Graduation gifts, and Valentine's Day gifts.
* If you have someone with whom you are deeply attached, this bracelet is a good gift idea.

Weight 8 grams


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